Tidepools at Second Beach

Second Beach, La Push

Do yourself a favor and go check out the brilliant tidepools out at Second Beach in La Push! There were so many visible sea creatures, we loved the vibrant colors. It is about a two hour drive from the Cottages, then it is less than a mile hike to the beach. This is a popular spot to backpack out and spend the night on the beach since the hike is so short from the parking lot.

Sea stars, anemones, mussels, and more!

I’ve never seen so many sea stars and anemones congregated so close together, usually we’re thrilled to just spot a few sea stars! There were orange ones, as well as varied shades of purple.

Waves crashing on the rocks as the tide rolls in.

Nature is amazing, and the ocean so powerful! We love sitting on the rocks and getting wet with the ocean spray. The fog was also rolling in on this particular day, so everything seemed even more magical than usual.

On the drive home…

We love to stop off at Lake Crescent to break up the drive on the way home. You can use a nice restroom, grab a bite to eat, take a short hike to Marymere Falls, or on a particularly hot day, just jump right in off the dock at Lake Crescent Lodge!

This view is off of the Railroad Spruce trail and shows just how quickly the lake gets extremely deep!


Or stay until sunset if the fog has lifted!

One of the best features of the Washington coasts are the varied rock formations, which make for such beautiful sunsets!

Ending on a sweet note

Don’t forget to make a pit stop at Granny’s for soft serve ice cream, or in Port Angeles at Wellies Ice Cream.

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